Zazen Schedule:
Monday-Friday 7:00AM โ€“ 7:30AM

Saturday-Sunday 9:00AM โ€“ 9:30AM

Monday Sangha Night: 7:30PM โ€“ 9:30PM

The Online zendo opens at 6:50AM on weekdays, at 8:50AM on weekends, and at 7:20PM on Monday evenings. Please be seated on your cushion/chair, 5 mins before the start of zazen. As in a physical zendo, no admittance will take place from 3 mins before the start of zazen.

One of our priests has made a very nice video showing how the form should be followed online. Should you decide to join, please endeavour to closely follow the form as outlined by Rev. Kozan in the video.

We would also recommend that you take a few moments to read our online etiquette document, which includes the link to the Online zendo (Zoom) and also a link to our chant book.

The morning session consists of 30 mins of silent Zen sitting, followed by a short service with chanting. Monday evening session consists of two periods of silent Zen sitting, with some walking meditation in the middle. There is then a short service with chanting, followed by a sharing circle, discussion or formal talk.

Wear comfortable clothes to sit Zen. Once the sit begins, we would ask that you remain for the duration of the sit.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

We hope to welcome you to the ZBI Online zendo soon.