Dear friends,
we had a wonderful summer retreat this May in Jampa Ling Buddhist Centre in Co Cavan, where we were made very welcome in what is a beautiful setting. In all, 14 of us took part in the retreat and there was a great and inspiring atmosphere of sincere practice. The  retreat ended with a lay ordination (Jukai) ceremony for Benat and Steve from the Lampeter Sangha, in Wales (also part of the wider Blue Mountain White Clouds Hermitage Sangha), and a special congratulations goes to my Dharma brother Taikyo, who was Susho for the sesshin.

With such a great bunch of wonderful people (and with the warm welcome from our brothers and sisters in the Dharma at Jampa Ling) we will have to do it all again soon. Keep an eye on zenbuddhism.ie for announcements regarding our next sesshin.

Otherwise, this summer I will be off to Paris to teach at the Blue Mountain White Clouds Hermitage summer retreat with my teacher Taigu Turlur and my Dharma brother Dainin Joko. One person from our ZBI retreat has expressed interest in coming with me. If anyone else is interested, just email me at [email protected] for more information.

So, I’ll be taking July and August off in Dublin. That means no in person sittings at the Lantern Centre or in DIT for July and August. However, both groups will be back as normal in September. Keep an eye here, on zenbuddhism.ie, and in the ZBI Facebook group for announcements in the autumn.

Finally, I have taken on two students recently in preparation for Jukai next year at our summer retreat. If anyone is interested in also preparing for lay ordination, formally entering the Buddha way, then do message me soon … that way you can join the group in its study and sewing by way of preparation.

Otherwise, I hope you all have a great summer of practice and joy. Wishing you well and with palms together.
Myozan Kodo